I lost a day trying to make mopidy work

I’ve been trying to set up a rpi3 headless music server with mopidy. I did a clean install of raspbian and installed mopidy. I then tried to look for the configuration files. /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf was empty (apart from a few lines). After digging through tutorials, I found out that by running mopidy as a user, a configuration filed is generated in the ./config/mopidy directory. With all settings commented.
I then copied that file to /etc/mopidy and started the service. I could not connect via web no matter what.
Checking systemctl status I found out that it actually looks for the config file in /usr/share/mopidy/conf.d. So I copied my config file there, restarted and still couldn’t get the web page. I eventually added the ip address of the Pi to the http section (instead of and FINNALY I could see it running.
Then I wanted to configure spotify, soundcloud and mopify. I installed mopify and added the section in the config file. It still doesn’t appear in the “web clients” section and going to webserver/mopify gives a 404 error.
With spotify, I did everything as instructed on the website and I don’t see it in my app. That’s the reason why I wanted to install mopify in the first place, to see some kind of debugging of the spotify service.
This is a mess…

You had this right initially with /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf as our documentation specifies. You only need to specify config values you want to adjust away from the default, as our documentation specifies. The http config doc section specifies all the values and is clear about the hostname setting and why you might want to change it. We also specify how to install things from pip with sudo python3 -m pip install. I’m willing to help you and answer any specific questions you have, but please adjust your attitude as it’s not appreciated.

Sorry if I was crusty in my initial post. I eventually reinstalled everything and did a clean configuration and managed to somewhat make it work. As far as I understand, spotify connect feature isn’t available? Then is there any way to get at least most of the functionality of the spotify app? What about a mobile client that supports this?


This depends exactly what you mean, can you be more specific? I think the Iris webclient has some extra functionality we don’t/can’t expose in Mopidy-Spotify (e.g. radio?), you could try that.

Otherwise, librespot is a reverse-engineered Spotify implementation that supports podcasts and Spotify Connect. It’s nothing to do with Mopidy. If you are only interested in Spotify playback then perhaps that software would fit your needs better.