How to use the audioaddict extension?

Hi there,
I discovered Mopidy quite recently and I am writing a client to it, having switched from MPD. It’s versatile architecture, the API-s and libraries available are appealing. So it deserves praise for a well-thought design.

However I am trying to understand what the audioaddict extension does, and how it can be used. I am subscribed to RadioTunes and have some preferred radio channels there. But dunno hot to use the extension.

(Btw, I am using not the original repo from nilicule (which seems abandoned), but the one from FlorianOtel.)

Note that I am able to listen to internet radio by adding the stream http url to a normal playlist (although I don’t get the specific songs info with getCurrentTrack(), like it was possible with mpc status, but that may be another topic). Don’t know how to parse a .pls file, or what to do with the extension, though. The extension’s description does not help.

Can somebody shed some light on this?

Many thanks,

No reaction to this. So I might not have formulated my question correctly, or nobody used audioaddict, or it might be some other problem. I’ll fill an issue.

Seeing how the extension is advertised to work with mopidy 1.0, and mopidy is now 3.0 (with a switch to python3 between version 2 and 3), I’d be very surprised if this extension worked out of the box.