What is easiest way to talk to Mopidy via python?

I am making a python app, that I would like to use Mopidy as the media server, since it already has backends for the services I want. I don’t really need it to be an extension, but just want to do stuff like, get available backends, get all songs from a backend, and play song. What are my options here? Any simple examples?

Something like GitHub - AsbjornOlling/mopidyapi: A Python 3.6+ Mopidy client library, that uses HTTP and Websockets to talk to its JSON RPC API. or GitHub - Mic92/python-mpd2: Python library which provides a client interface for the Music Player Daemon.

I’ve never used mopidyapi but in theory should work…

I would recommend reading the following Python client: GitHub - orontee/argos: Light weight front-end for Mopidy music server but I am certainly not objective!

I used mpd-client a few years ago. MPD is standard, so your python code will be compatible with other backend.

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