How to use shairport sync


Does anybody know how to use shairport sync with pimusicbox?
What must I do with the iPad that it streams to all the pi’s with musicbox?
I have 2 raspberry’s with pimusicbox and i want it to use as multiroom system.


Have you enabled it in the settings? Once you do that (and reboot) musicbox
should just appear as an airplay device on your ipad.

I know that. But I want to stream my Music to my 2 raspberry’s at the same time.

I don’t use any iOS devices but do they support outputting to multiple airplay devices? Last I heard it was only iTunes on the desktop that supported this. On iOS I think you used to need a 3rd party app or various hacks such as Airfoil. Maybe this has changed but it didn’t come up in my quick search. looks better.

Hi, and how must I enable shairport? I don’t see it

Where did you look?
From the webclient: settings -> Musicbox -> Airplay Streaming
From a shell: set enable_shairport = true in /boot/config/settings.ini.

And is this than working for the shairport sync?
i see only in the ipad by airplay the musicbox but not shairplay.
The airplay (shairplay) function in musicbox is working, but i want to use shairport sync.


Shairport-sync is an open source implementation of Apple’s Airplay. Airplay functionality in Musicbox is solely provided by Shairport-sync and this is regardless of how many devices you are trying to stream to. If the Airplay functionality in Musicbox is working for you then you are using Shairport-sync (but I am not sure why you are so determined to use Shairport-sync, it’s just the name of a particular implementation). If you want to stream to multiple devices, then this should work fine provided you have an ipad client that supports this. As we discussed previously, this is not currently possible using the native ipad client and so you’ll need a 3rd party ipad client.

Hi kingosticks,
now it’s the dutch forums there is less information. i read only on a dutch website that the shairport sync is for multiple devices and shairport for one device And that an ipad or itunes can do this without 3rd party software.
So my information is wrong.

And that an ipad or itunes can do this without 3rd party software.

I would hope that Apple would fix this at some point. It’s possible they already have, but as I don’t have a device I cannot test that. Please let us know if you find that it does indeed work.

Also, just for reference, your Dutch website may be correct regarding the lack of multi-streaming support in Shairport (non-sync). But either way, we no longer use Shairport for anything and I believe the project is effectively dead.