How to make boot up time as fast as possible


I’m trying to speed up boot time, it takes several minutes. I figure I should turn off scan for audio now.

But is there anything else I can do?

Also it would be nice if I could get some kind of signal / notification that boot up was finished. Then I could bring up the site in mobile Safari.

I’m not keen on leaving the box on all the time.




There is an autoplay feature in the settings that will play something when
it starts up. Use or adapt this for your notification.

Or just leave it on.

Hi thanks,

can I just play a short mp3?

I’ve tried it, I uploaded something to my website but it says connection refused?

If I remember correctly it’s just doing mpc add path_to_your song; mpc play. It’s probably simplest to play a file located on the SD card but
absolutely anything that Mopidy can normally play should work.

And that will play every time in boot up, or do I have to add those commands to a file?

I’d just used the setting screen with my URL earlier.

You just need to set the autoplay in settings.ini and adjust the
autoplaywait if necessary,

I get connection refused even though the file mp3 files play fine on other devices. I’ve even tried a local path and it still says connection refused.

Any suggestions ?

Have you set a password for the mpd server?

I’ve just left the defaults

Can you try setting a longer AUTOPLAYWAIT time? Perhaps it’s taking longer for Mopidy to start and become ready to accept requests. For sanity you could also try playing the file manually once it’s booted by running the mpc commands yourself.