How to get SongCast working


in version 0.9.0 of the upmpdcli (which is currently used by musicbox for upnp streaming) support for SongCast was added. With Songcast, the whole sound output from a PC can be streamed to a songcast receiver.

I’ve tried to get it to work based on the description on the upmpdcli website, but I did not get it to work.

I followed the description on and was able to compile the binary, but in the SongCast program on my PC the musicbox was not discovered as possible target.

Sounds like a very interesting feature . I personally have been looking for something like this for years as I always wanted to have an easy way to stream the PC sound output to my stereo without a lot of fuzz.

DId anyone try it out yet?


Currently mopidy, which pimusicbox uses for playing music only supports local playback on the raspi. So there isn’t any simple way to stream that to the songcast target.

Oh, it would be the other way around. The musicbox would be the target and the PC the source.
Similar as the “Stream what you hear” software but not depending on DLNA.