How do I manually install mopidyctl for v2.3.1 on pip?

I have to install version 2.3.1 cause an extension I need is not compatible (this is my real problem). I also need to run it as a service. I’m currently installing on arch linux, like so:

sudo -H pip2.7 install git+

How do I run mopidyctl?

Any advice would be appreciated.


My aplogies if my question is naive. I’m new here and its been two days. I just want to run the mopidy daemon with a specific plugin that only supports v 2.2.3. If my question is dumb, please tell me how so. Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

I guess I try to write the systemd run files myself… Or copy and paste some from the repo ?

We do not support this old version of Mopidy. The older v2.x version of Mopidy is available from Debian’s APT repo, why not (remove and) install that? Alternatively, the source is at

You can also grab and install that, or extract the files and take the old mopidyctl from there.

Out of interest, what extension is still stuck on v2.x?

Thanks for responding and asking! I’d love to upgrade to v3. So much I’m thinking of dedicating some time and doing a PR on the extension. This is it:

If you have any ideas on how I can work around this, I’d appreciate it.

I’ve never used that extension but if you could update it that’d be great.