Has the gapless playback implementation been completed yet?

I’m using Mopidy 1.0.5 and have implemented the about_to_finish_callback callback in my PlaybackProvider.

The problem is that as soon as audio.set_uri is called in the callback, and the next URI starts to buffer, the current track is paused as well until the next track has been completely buffered.

I can’t tell if _Handler.on_buffering makes any distinction between which URI is being buffered. It looks to me like it just sets the playbin state to gst.STATE_PAUSED whenever a buffering message is received.

Am I perhaps supposed to be using a different buffering mode somehow?

https://github.com/adamcik/mopidy/tree/feature/implement-gapless has working gapless, but it is still missing some cleanups that are needed since we are switching more audio state handling in core to being async. This was slated for the 1.1 release, but since we already landed enough other big changes gapless will not be in 1.1 but some later 1.x release.