No gapless playback with Spotify

Hi, I’m using mopidy with spotify on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine.
Everything is working fine except for one thing:
Spotify does not playback gapless.
This means that when a track from an album is finished you can hear a short silence before the next track starts.
Since I listen a lot of albums and multiple tracks together form a single piece I want to solve this.

I can’t find anything in the forum or google about this and I don’t know how to troubleshoot.

Please let me know which commands to run to provide the required versions and configs to help me solve this.


Hi Marc,

have you been able to get the gapless playback working?
kind regards,

Hi Juan,

Unfortunately not. It surprises me that this is not an issue for more
users. It’s default behavior on fresh installs on raspbian and ubuntu.
If you manage to solve this I’m happy to hear how you did this.

Kind regards,

Hi Marc,

Bummer. I read it is a Spotify Connect limitation in some way. I have not enough Linux knowledge to figure out this by myself. Unfortunately, it makes my DAC fallback to analog inputs at the end of every song.

If you ever read about any fix for it, please let me know. I will do the same.

Kind regards,