[Guide] Setup MusicBox 0.5 for best party experience


I created a guide that will show you how to configure MusicBox 0.5 for the best party experience.

  • Fixes the default action when clicking a song, so it just adds that song to the bottom of the queue.
  • Hide certain menu items from your party-goers (Settings, System, etc.)

When I first ran MusicBox 0.5 at a party, users got upset at the default action when clicking a song adding the entire album to the playlist and deleting the queue prior to adding the album.

They also got pretty drunk and restarted the MusicBox multiple times because they had access to the System menu item. My guide will show you how to fix these features so that the only thing that should ruin your party is a bad music selection.

Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LbMUqXfASdJYgC-ZuNKfgCUWSAFqp6bstvE-WEK4Oiw/edit?usp=sharing

some of these are good ideas. Perhaps have them as toggle-able options?

Great guide. I like it! Maybe I’ll add it if I have the time. Patches welcome of course…