Give this new Android app a try

After becoming a MusicBox fan a month ago I was missing an Android client that had all the features of the web app but felt more native.

So of course I had to write one, and since it’s pretty good I have gone ahead and published:

I hope people will try it out. The version I linked is a free seven day trial. For those who really like it, I have some promo codes for the unlimited version as well.

I am interested in getting feedback and making improvements. All I ask is:

1 - If you like it consider giving it a nice review

2 - If you have a problem let me know directly. You can post here or in this G+ group:


Thanks to everybody who has tried it out. The promo codes I mentioned are active starting today. For as long as they last, anyone can get a promo code just by emailing their request to

Thanks for sharing this. I have installed your app and it works well, but it seems to do exactly the same as when using any webbrowser to control Pi Musicbox. Although your app seems slightly more responsive than my Firefox mobile browser.

What are the benefits of using your app?

Hi. Thanks for giving it a try. If you are happy using the Pi MusicBox web app in a browser, you definitely don’t need this app. And if it is more responsive than Firefox, the only reason for that would be that the Chrome-based web view I am using is more responsive than Firefox.

I took the trouble to write it because my Pi-based network radio has gotten good enough that I use it almost every day, and I want that experience to be streamlined. Pi Music does that in a lot of little technical ways that are best experienced by just trying it.

But, being happy with the web app in a browser is not a response that I would argue with! I wrote Pi Music because I discovered that the web app was more useful than the native MPD clients for Android, and I wanted it to be a little easier to use.

I wanted an android app … so thanks I will give it a go

Hallo alle,

ich habe einen Raspi mit laufender PiMusicbox, wie kann ich denn connecten ?

How do I have to Connect with my Raspi Musicbox ?

Thanks for answer