Getting Spotify track ID

Hi, I have an old vinyl Jukebox which is beyond viable repair, so I am looking at replacing the mechanicals with a mopidy solution that presents the same functionality. I am using the buttons to generate a number 1 to 120 which I want to use to define a track to add a track to the end of the current queue.

Using an arduino, I got the number into my RP2, and intended to then use mpc to play the track. So far so good, I can load a 120 track playlist, but mopidy then plays all tracks in the playlist.

So I figure I need to add the tracks to an empty playlist using the
mpc add spotify:track:xxxxxxx syntax.

That works, but it requires a manual procedure to get the track ID.

Can anybody suggest a better way to do it.


I haven’t used mpc a lot but after loading the whole tacklist you can use: mpc play <position> to start playing on the selected song number.

If you want to play only that track and not one after another you can set the ‘single mode’ by mpc single on.

Nice project by the way!