External application access to the local tracks

I am trying to play a single track from Home Assistant Music Player Daemon (MPD) and it doesn’t work.
It works with playlists but not with the single tracks.

How local mopidy files (File, Local) have to be addressed from an external application? Does it require a full path to the file? Should mopidy find a file just by calling a track by name from an external application?

You can browse the local music database by issuing MPD commands and obtain the uri to your file. It is not simply the filesystem path.

Thank you.
I found these URIs and they work in HA:
‘file:///media/music/Moonlight.mp3’ (for Mopidy-File)
‘local:track:Moonlight.mp3’ (for Mopidy-Local)

Probably that Home Assistant integration can’t browse/search mopidy for URIs for single tracks.

Home Assistant doesn’t support browse or search for any media players.

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