Event: events not firing

I have Mopidy installed on Raspberry Pi 3B with Stretch, and I had to re-install it on a new SD card. The new install works fine except I am not getting event: events (i.e. volumeChanged, streamTitleChanged, trackPlaybackStarted, playbackStateChanged) fired any more. I have mopidy.on(console.log.bind(console)) turned on in javascript, and I get the state:online and websocket:incoming/outgoing messages. That said, the websocket messages look a little different. i.e.
Working (old):
MessageEvent {isTrusted: true, data: “{“tl_track”: {“track”: {“comment”: “http://www.jaz…”, “tlid”: 6}, “event”: “track_playback_started”}”, origin: “ws://”, lastEventId: “”, source: null, …}

Not working (new):
MessageEvent {isTrusted: true, data: “{“jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “id”: 4, “result”: [{“track”: {…ac-64.m3u”}, “model”: “TlTrack”, “tlid”: 1}]}", origin: “ws://”, lastEventId: “”, source: null, …}

I must have missed installing something on the new card, but I can’t figure out what. mopidyctl config output for both is identical. First install was a Noobs card with stretch that came with the Pi. New one was from a download image of stretch.

Any suggestions on what I missed that would cause the events to be missing?

Thanks!!! And thank you for creating mopidy - very fun.