Embedded Cover Art is only displayed if Album Tag is set


I have successfully installed Mopidy 3.0.2 on an old Pi 1B with Wolfson Audio Card. Playback works great and the performance is really good considering this old and slow device.

After some testing I noticed that embedded cover art is only displayed when the Album ID3 tag is set. If it is empty, no image file is generated and therefore the default image is displayed. Is this desired behavior? Is there a workaround except setting a “dummy” Album tag for single songs?

Artwork behaviour depends on on the backend being used (is this the Local backend?) and the frontend you are using. The local backend only uses artwork that is embedded in the ID3 tags, anything else (artwork being generated? of fetched from online sources) is being done by the frontend you are using.

What do you think it should do instead?

Sorry, of course I’m talking about the “local” backand. Don’t know why I forgot to write it down.

I would expect that the ID3 embedded local artwork is used as soon as it is present, not only if the Album tag is present.

Right, with you now. We absorbed Mopidy-Local-Sqlite into Mopidy-Local and I’m still not that familiar with how all of it works but I had a dig and found https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy-local/blob/master/mopidy_local/storage.py#L84

Which stems from the fact the database stores image info within the album table. So no album means no image. This is probably because in older versions of Mopidy, only album artwork was supported; get_images didn’t exist and the only images available were those found within the track.album data model. We removed that restriction to support images for any URI (playlists, artists, searches) and there’s already a thought-out plan on how that could be added to Mopidy-Local https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy-local/issues/13. The schema alterations proposed there to decouple images and albums would also be needed to solve your problem. I think the age of the issue might have something to do with the lack of demand for the enhancement, combined with the fact Mopidy-Local does not have a maintainer. And perhaps also because some frontends take over the duties of gathering artwork and will try and find it online.

So the only workaround for now is to set a dummy album tag, like you say.

Out of interest, what sort of tracks are these with embedded artwork that isn’t album artwork? Singles?

Edit: and just to be clear, if you are interested in fixing this issue yourself, please do. Although there’s currently no maintainer, we can potentially still review and merge some PRs, it just might take a while.

Hi kingosticks,

yes, I understand this, so at the moment I will just set a dummy album tag as it works then.

My Albums are fine regarding artwork, I have this issue mostly with mixed music recorded from webradios or downloaded from YouTube - I just listen to music in the car or doing other things, so the quality from these sources is mostly good enough…

Honestly, I will not be able to fix the issue myself. I am just a user and not a coder - never did anything with Python at all. :frowning: