Dleyna-server-service memory leak?

Hi all,

I’m running mopidy 2.0 with mopidy-dleyna 1.2. I can see that process dleyna-server-service, which is spawned by the mopidy service, grows in memory usage. After startup it takes couple of MB, but after couple of days it grows to more than a 100MB. This is happening on all my devices, that is raspberry pi 3, CHIP and nanopi-m1. They all are running on raspbian/debian jessie. Does anyone else have this issue ?

Although I think dleyna-server's memory usage is somewhat excessive, too, I haven’t yet observed an actual “leak”. Mine grows rather quickly to about 75MB RES, but stays at that level, even after weeks of regular use. Your mileage may vary, of course, depending on how many DLNA servers are found/used on your local network.
dleyna-server v0.5 seems to add some changes to its caching strategy, which might improve things a bit. However, AFAICS this still hasn’t been packaged for Debian, yet.