Disable Login Password?

Any thoughts on how to disable the request for a username and password on boot? Or how to enter them automatically? I want to add a switch with a script to turn the RPi on and off safely, but don’t want to have to plug in a keyboard to type in the password every time I reboot.

I’m not sure why you need to enter them - as far as I know musicbox runs automatically from boot. If you need to do anything you would need a keyboard/mouse connected anyway or use SSH. Any changes to playlists would need a keyboard or phone/tablet. I might be missing something.

Sorry, I guess the actual issue is with shutdown. I want to be able to shutdown the device with a quick script from a physical switch rather than use SSH or plugging in.

There should be no permission restrictions on /sbin/shutdown as they are removed in order to allow shutdown from the webclient.

How do I check the restrictions on that? I’ve enabled SSH now, but musicbox refuses to accept the password I set in the config.ini file. Any ideas? Sorry, I’m pretty new to Linux/RaspberryPi

Check the permissions with ls -l /sbin/shutdown. It should have the setuid bit set.

Once you set a password in settings.ini it will change the password on the next reboot. I can’t think why changing it wouldn’t work.

I did a clean flash of the OS on the SD Card, enabled SSH, then tried to SSH into the Pi with the OSX terminal command: ssh pi@

I was then prompted for: pi@’s password

I typed in “musicbox” because it should still have the stock password, was prompted to type it in again, and eventually received the error: Permission denied (publickey,password).

Any pointers?

The username is not pi, it is root. You want root@

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You’re a genius … and we are bumbling fools. :man_facepalming: