Direct URL to initiate playStreamUri in MusicBox

Using MusicBox 0.5.3 on a Pi2 - works great. I have a home automation app that I use frequently for lights and security. On this, a button can be programmed to open a URL without returning the page. I would really like to set one or two favorite streams to launch from this app. Is it possible to craft a single URL containing the stream address to, in effect, onclick one of the playStreamUri buttons from the streamuris.js? Is there a smarter way to go about this?
No, it’s not the end of the world to have to open the webclient and tap a few places, but this would be a nice little time saver quite often. Thanks.

Not directly the way you want. What needs to happen to play a track is to add it to the tracklist, then call play with right tracklist id the song was assigned. Since this is two steps things break down for your use case.

Your best bet is likely looking at and creating a minimal extension that takes an URI to add to the tracklist and play right away.