Directly playing http stream without adding it first to tracklist

Is it possible in any way to play a http m3u stream by calling a jsonrpc http request without adding it first to the track?

I’m currently adding the stream to the track list and afterwards I play it with the following request:

  "method": "",
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "params": {
    "tlid": 21
  "id": 1

I don’t want to add it to my track list because whenever I’m clearing all the tracks, the stations are also gone.

That’s not possible. I am afraid I do not understand your explanation of why you don’t want to add it to the tracklist.

Currently I’m building a chat bot that allows me and my team colleagues to play tracks and radio stations. One of the chat bot commands is !audio play radio hitfm.

For that to happen i would need to first know if the stream assigned to the key hitfm is already added to the tracklist. If so, than play the track by providing it’s tlid. If not, than the track should first be added to the track list and than played.

…It seems a bit overhead than playing the stream directly. That’s why I asked :smiley:

Best regards