Is this thing on?

So in all seriousness, what does it take to get this thing to recognize music and actually output sound? I have tried local mp3s and spotify using mopify

Trying to use local mp3s keeps giving me this:

INFO Scanning…
WARNING Failed local:track:03%20Skip%20To%20My%20Lou.mp3: No audio found in file.

It ignores the file I copied named test.mp3 for whatever reason

gstreamer plays that file just fine.

gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=file:///var/lib/mopidy/media/test.mp3

Multiple ways of playing files works as pi, a local user, root and mopidy user

This is on raspbian with a usb soundcard.

Could someone point out which goat I need to sacrifice to get sound to come out of the speakers from mopidy?

Is this a pi zero then?
When you try with Spotify does it actually play (can you see it playing on the screen) and you can’t hear it or is it not even playing.

So it turned out that I had to install gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad to get it to read the mp3 files, which is not installed by default. After that it recoginized my mp3 files properly.

The goat’s name was Rusty and I will miss him.