Convolved EQ with mopidy

I have created the kernels using Room EQ Wizard, is there a way I can get my RPi 3 to do a little EQ processing?

I can export a WAV with the impulse to be used:

Export -> Filters Impulse Response as WAV
Export the impulse response of the filters for the current measurement
in WAV format, written as mono or stereo signed PCM data, with the impulse response
starting 2 samples into the file (the first 2 samples are zero). The
response length is 128k samples (131,072). The dialog provides options
to choose the sample rate, number of bits per sample and to select whether or not
to normalise the response so that the peak value is unity (0 dBFS).
32-bit sample width is recommended if the application using the data
can accept this, particularly if the response is not normalised. When
exporting as stereo the first response selected is placed in the left channel,
the second in the right.

More in their documentation if anyone wants to read.

An alternative is to export up to 20 biquad filters. This may be less taxing on resources if the RPi is not powerful enough.