Connect PiMusicBox to a LED Matrix

Hello everyone,

I’m not new to Python oder Raspberry, but this is my first attempt to make changes in an existing project, so please don’t be mad at me for asking easy things.

My plan is to use a LED Matrix such as this one to show the current track/radio station/IP . I already made some code to display letters (based on Arduino/C, but it should not be a problem to translate it into Python).

The next step is to implement this into PiMusicBox. I have no clue where to place the code and how to change existing one. Can someone give me a hint where to start? I don’t understand how MusicBox is build up (working as a whole OS) and how to change the image.


first look at:

then I would make an extension that implements mopidy.core.CoreListener - it allows to receive events on song change etc.

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