Configure with Iris

I‘m trying to get more info about the music I‘m accessing via Iris. According to the Iris documentation I can enable to get more meta info. However, the iris documentation is a bit bare regarding

  • lastfm_authorization_url
  • The URL to use as LastFM OAuth gateway. This is only used when you authenticate Iris with LastFM.
  • If you wish to configure and host your own gateway script see the example auth_lastfm.php script.
  • Defaults to

Looking at my mopidy configuration there‘s nothing there for
enabled = true
country = US
locale = en_US
snapcast_enabled = false

but I see that the lastfm_authorization_url is set to the default address when I look at the final configuration:

enabled = true
country = US
locale = en_US
verify_certificates = true
snapcast_enabled = false
snapcast_host = localhost
snapcast_port = 1780
snapcast_ssl = false
snapcast_stream = Default
spotify_authorization_url =
lastfm_authorization_url =
genius_authorization_url =
data_dir = $XDG_DATA_DIR/

How can I tell if is working? Is there more I need to do to take advantage of it?

I don’t have it here but I think there’s somewhere in the iris settings webpage where you can do the authorisation flow and link your account. Have you done that?

The only information I could find in the Iris docs is the three bullets I mentioned above.

Maybe there was a misunderstanding. I am suggesting you look at the settings page in the Iris webclient itself. I am not talking about the Github documentation.

EDIT: THIS → http://localhost:6680/iris/settings

I see what you mean. I logged into my account.
Nothing seems to change in the Iris UI.
What do I need to do for to improve Iris UI? Or am I misunderstanding what can do with Iris?

It will enable ‘scrobbling’ so your played tracks are automatically recorded. Maybe it adds another source of stuff under browse? Sorry, I don’t know, I don’t have iris installed right now.

If it’s just scrobbling then not sure what is the point of it over GitHub - mopidy/mopidy-scrobbler: Mopidy extension for scrobbling played tracks to

Looks like there is just too little info regarding this feature. Thank you.

I don’t think documentation at this level is worth the time. Features can be mostly discovered after playing around for a bit. Good luck

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