Mopidy Discourse

Discourse submit fails for new member because of Config

I tried to add my ‘mopidy config’ to my query for help and it continually fails because there are ‘more than 2 links’. But I did not add any links! They appear inside the ‘mopidy config’ listing I added, so it’s difficult for a novice to know exactly what is going on here.
I eventually tracked it down to these config entries, (but what a waste of time).

enabled = true
country = NZ
locale = en_NZ
spotify_authorization_url =**@@@@**
lastfm_authorization_url = **@@@@**
genius_authorization_url = **@@@@**
data_dir = $XDG_DATA_DIR/iris

So, please, at least put in a filter to remove web links generated by Mopidy Config and save a lot of confusion.