Mopidy Iris : Enable Spotify, by passing ?spotify={...}


I’m trying to pass Spotify account informations to be automatically logged when user reachs{}. According to this documentation, it could be done, passing the “valid token data”. But I’m not very sure where can I retrieve this token data. I’ve tried with my client_id and my client_secret, but It doesn’t work.

Anyone gots ideas for me ? :smile:

Thanks you !

The token is on the extension site of mopidy-spotify or in mopidy.conf you can filter out with grep and awk

I would guess that Iris documentation is talking about the Iris specific auth token (info) rather than Mopidy-Spotify auth credentials. I think you can obtain that token by doing Settings > Spotify > Share authentication or perhaps one of the methods described at Iris/ at master · jaedb/Iris · GitHub

Hi, thanks you for your response !

What’s the difference between the Iris specific auth token and Mopidy Spotify auth credentials and especially, where can I found this Iris token ?

Because using the “Share Authentification” way, I can only import settings but I’m not seeing at any moment of the process this Iris auth token.

Thx !

I’ll let @jaedb answer

@malatu14 the token used by Mopidy-Spotify is the default used by Iris for interatcting with the Spotify HTTP API. This is needed to manage your Spotify library.

By logging in within Iris (ie Settings → Services → Spotify → Login) you will be able to view your own Spotify account (assuming it is different to that of Mopidy-Spotify) and manage your personal Spotify library. Music will still be played using the Mopidy-Spotify credentials.

Sharing your authentication will share the Iris credentials which are only stored client-side (ie in your browser).

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