Change radio by command / crontab

Hi there,

Is it possible to change the radio station by command (http Stream)?
So i can make an crontab to change te radio channel by time.

It will also function when the internet connection is dropped overnight.

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If you install MPC (, an MPD command line client, you can write scripts to automate Mopidy. I use it to automatically start a radio stream after booting, and put Mopidy in Consume mode.

I’m using Pi MusicBox.
Would be nice for the command to change playing radio channel.

Put the radio channel in a play list and use MPC to select or switch playlists, that’s how I start my radio stream at boot time.

mpc is already installed in musicbox so just do as @Geert has kindly suggested:

mpc clear
mpc add <http://some_radio_stream>
mpc play

Or stick them all in a big playlist file, load it, and just do mpc next every hour, or whatever, depends exactly what you want.