Toggle musicbox using cronjob

Hello there,

I want to automatically start musicbox every day, monday to friday at 7 am and stop at 8 pm. The pi is constantly running, so I figured a cronjob would do the trick?! How do I do this, which services do I have to start/stop? Is there another method which is more convenient or flexible?

Help is highly appreciated.


I think this will do it - use mpc to control the starting and stopping.
You can fiddle around with the values for volume etc.
Not sure if it’s the right setting for cron though - you may need to check that.
0 07 * * 1-5 mpc stop; mpc clear; mpc load “Playlist name here”;mpc volume 15;mpc shuffle;mpc play
0 20 * * 1-5 mpc stop

Yeah, that was it, Thanks a bunch!