CD Extension Development


Hi all,

as this thread is quite old, I am wondering if any progress has been made on this module and if it has been tested with pimusicbox.




I’ll have to try to find the other thread. Someone else had used the original source and perhaps branched it, but made it his (or her) own. I have successfully installed his, but while it works fine on an Ubuntu laptop I’ve been toying with, I have never been able to make it work with a Pi and a USB CD drive. I’ve done clean builds and I’m using two heterogeneous CD drives.

I just build up a Pi, put on Mopidy, then either MusicBox or Iris (not much luck with Iris, probably because I’m using SnapCast and I don’t know what I’m doing) then SnapCast. Maybe I should give PiMusicBox another chance. It’s been a few years.

In my case, in the GUI (when using full Raspbian) the system sees CD insertions. In MusicBox, it sees the extension, but never finds the CD. On the Ubuntu box it plays back correctly.

Let me see if I can find the other thread. It was more promising than what I achieved here, with no disrespect at all to the people who contributed. I’m the weakest link in this whole thing - I am not a strong Linux user.


Added: Of course, afpeluso was the other developer and his (or her) replies above are what have gotten me the closest to being able to play back a CD using my Pi based system.

I’ve sort of let it rest for quite a long time. I may play with it some more tonight.

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I was reading another thread (Solved - No audio as service but sudo -u mopidy works (DietPi)) and it made me think that maybe it was just a permissions issue for the mopidy user.

My test bed system is now seeing the CD just fine. I’m going to be a little more judicious with my “production” system (I added mopidy to the video group as well as the cdrom group - I think just cdrom will do.

I’m very excited about this. Thanks to everyone, especially afpeluso, for the input. Now if I can get Iris to give me control routing audio from different snapservers to different snapclients (another issue that I’m sure is user error on my part) I’ll be absolutely thrilled rather than just happy.

Added: “sudo adduser mopidy cdrom” fixed it. The “production” server can now play back a CD, which isn’t necessarily a huge deal for a lot of people, but it allows a bit of spontaneity to the whole thing.



Oddly, Iris is suddenly working as well. It used to not playback audio, I think there was something not configured right with SnapCast. FWIW, Iris is supposed to have a front end for SnapCast, so if I understand this correctly, I should be able to, via the Iris interface, have multiple servers and dynamically connect to clients on the fly.



I’m not really finding that. It may have been pulled. Iris works (now) and I’m not seeing any SnapCast UI in Iris (which I’m sure I saw earlier). I know, I should probably look at Iris’s changelog.