Can't control mpc from the terminal after I controlled it once from the browser


I’m running Pi MusicBox on my RaspberryPi2 and have a problem controlling mpc:

I can run any mpc command from the terminal and it is being executed as it should (mpc play, mpc stop, mpc add, mpc clear,…). After typing in the command and hitting enter, the according information is displayed and the prompt appears again, so that I can keep on typing in other commands. I can keep on sending mpc commands via the terminal as much as I want, til I play a tunein radio station via the web interface. If I then type in an mpc command in the terminal, the action is taken, but no according information or prompt appears. I can only press Ctrl+C, then the prompt appears again and I can type in the next command, which then also shows the same behaviour. Now, if I type in mpc clear, everything’s back to normal and all the commands in the terminal run and terminate as they should. Til I play a tunein radio station via the web interface again…
If I play something from the “stream” section (e.g. one of the streams that are predefined when installing PiMusicbox), the terminal commands run fine.

I couldn’t try any other media source so far. Is this a specific tunein problem? Has anybody experienced this before?
The main (or rather: only) purpose of this project is to play tunein radio stations and command it with both the web interface and the terminal…


P.S.: please feel free to ask for any missing information, as I am quite new to all this and don’t really know what one would need to understand this problem.

That sounds a lot like a known bug old versions of musicbox-webclient where
it sends invalid track data models back to the server when adding things to
the tracklist. The mpd frontend (very reasonably) doesn’t like these bad
models. Clearing the tracklist removes these bad models and fixes things.
It is fixed in a later version of the Webclient but that version isn’t
compatible with Musicbox 0.6. Embarrassingly, musicbox 0.6 is still the
latest version.

There is a way to upgrade parts of the system if you don’t mind hacking
things together but it’s not pretty and it’s not officially supported so
you’d be on your own.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Do you know what parts I need to upgrade? What would I need to do to get it working? Just some straight forward updating (with little required knowledge of what I’m actually doing…) and hoping that it will work, or figuring out myself what to do and how?

EDIT: I’ve just seen that older releases of PiMusicbox are available. Would one of them be of any help? is the guide but it
is old and I think it’s probably not quite right anymore. You’d probably
have to play around with settings.ini as Mopidy’s config is now slightly

I’ll check this guide and see if it helps. Worst thing that can happen is that I have to reinstall everything from scratch, configure everything again, and wait for an official update that might fix that bug :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.