Can someone tell me why?

Hello to all !!!
Iam using mopidy in hassio.
And i wash hoping that i got let raspberry pi speak to me when it started.
That is working fine now.
But now i do have 2 problems i want to solve.
The first one is about a playlist of some kind.
I can play one song at the time that is no problem but more then that doesnot work in the ways that i tried.
I did try to put the songs behind each other seperated whit a , but nothing doesnot work .
I did try to do it as explained on hassio page with DeskMusic but also nothing.
Again one song yes but if i donot put a song it doesnot play anything. no list.
- alias: HA Boot_2
platform: homeassistant
event: start
- delay: ‘00:02:00’
- service: media_player.play_media
entity_id: media_player.mpd
media_content_id: local:track:playlists/boot.mp3
media_content_type: ‘music’
- service: media_player.volume_set
entity_id: media_player.mpd
volume_level: 0.10

This is working.

- service: media_player.play_media
    entity_id: media_player.mpd
    media_content_type: playlist
    media_content_id: DeckMusic

- service: media_player.volume_set
    entity_id: media_player.mpd
    volume_level: 0.60  

This doesnot work. also not with /local:playlist:DeskMusic`or /local:track:playlist:DeskMusic
with this it works fine local:track:playlists/DeckMusic/15.%20Tina%20Turner%20-%20Better%20Be%20Good%20To%20Me.mp3
but only one song at the time.

The next problem is text to speak doesnot work at all.
if i click on the mediaplayer and it opens it says text to speak but it doesnot work.
the mediaplayer is also off and it wont turn on if i click on the button only when i run as above it turns on plays the song and turns off again.


Can someone explain to me what is wrong?


I’m afraid I don’t know what much of this is talking about. This sounds very specific to some setup used by hassio. I would direct your questions to the hassio community forum first.

Or ask some clearer mopidy specific questions and we will be more likely to help. Hassio config files, Deskmusic, text to speech: none of these mean anything to me in a Mopidy context, sorry.

That is a same there i already asked to hassio
i starter there but they could not help me further and told me to ask here.
And I made I type error it is DeckMusic.
But thanks anyway.
I keep trying but it is strange that nobody knows why this not works
Maybe you can explain how I can play more songs after each other.
PS stream a radio works also good.

To be clear, I still don’t know what DeckMusic is and I’m not familiar at all with the hasio config format. Normally in Mopidy you would add multiple songs to the queue (AKA tracklist). They will play through one after another. You can store and restore the queue to/from playlist files. Mopidy understands the m3u playlist format. The m3u files are loaded from the directory specified in your Mopidy config file.

I guess it’s something to do with using the correct media_content_type and media_content_id values but that is completely a hassio concept. Go and ask them them what they are supposed to be, they created it.