Best way to setup an up to date PiMusicBox with working gmusic

Hi there,

I stopped using PiMusicBox a while ago because google play music all access streaming didn’t work anymore and I couldn’t find a straight forward way to get it back working again. In the official 0.6 release this is still a problem (isn’t it?). I tried other jukebox distributions, but I just miss the pimusicbox features that I used a lot (Google Play Music streaming + Airplay).

I want to reconfigure my Pi soon, because I need a little printserver… and I thought about setting up pimusicbox again. Can anyone give me some tips on how to get a working version of pimusicbox without too much effort? I read some posts in the forum and I somehow lost the track of what is still working and what is not. Is the “create_image script” on GitHub up to date? If I understoof it correctly the Airplay feature isn’t installed with this scipt.

Thank you and best regards,