Airplay not showing up on Pi2 / 0.6RC

I’ve updated to pi musicbox 0.5.4 then to 0.6RC from 0.5 and Airplay is not showing up on a brand new fresh install.

Everything else works except airplay does not show up.

Is there any additional setup or troubleshooting required to get Airplay to show up? I know there was a airplay software change after 0.5…


Other than enabling it in settings.ini it should just work. Are you doing that? Otherwise you could check /etc/log/syslog for any errors or perhaps try running it in verbose mode.

What do I need to do to enable it in the settings?

??? enable_airplay= true ???

I have been overwriting my settings.ini from my 0.5 install --___–

Side note: is there a master settings.ini template which shows all users what is available out there to tinker with?


The settings.ini file is likely to change with each new release so blindly overwriting it each time may cause issues. The latest development version is here but in future it could still end up different to the one used in your specific Musicbox release (as of today it should be fine).

You’ve raised a good point that it’s probably worth keeping a clean (unused) copy of settings.ini somewhere on the filesystem that you can use to restore the defaults in situations like this.

And to answer your question, the setting you want should be enable_shairport = true.

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good to know! thanks!

I have the same issue with AirPlay not showing on pi2 0.6 despite it being enabled in settings. Did you manage to fix it?

I added this to my settings.ini from @kingosticks link:

# -------------
# | Streaming |
# -------------
# Set these options to enable streaming to Pi MusicBox
# AirTunes (using Shairport-sync):
enable_shairport = true

maybe try with a fresh install and a new settings.ini file?

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I haven’y been able to have it work at all after updating to 0.6

Same problem here with 0.6 and AirPlay - nothing happening. Everything is set up correctly in the settings file with shairport enabled.

Edit: turns out that was user error on my part :smile: You have to wait a bit for AirPlay to connect to the Musicbox and show it in the list of devices. All works fine now !

OK it seems there really is a problem with AirPlay. It either just doesn’t show up as an option in the scroll up AirPlay notification area at the bottom of my IPad3 screen or it does show up randomly and then just cuts out when it feels like it. When it does work it is fine, but the randomness in the connection ability is really annoying.

Hi there. There is a known problem with Airplay devices (not just Shairport Sync but airplay devices in general) taking a long time to show up. See for a thread of discussion about it.

Thanks a lot for this link. I’ve been pulling my hair for almost a month trying to get Airplay to work again on my Pi 2B after a fresh reinstall and nothing was working.

The solution posted by soulchild about disabling WMM in in the router did the trick for me. As soon as I disabled WMM on my router an rebooted my Pi Airplay came up in my iTunes and iPhone immediately.

So, bumping this thread for great justice!

Worth bumping the thread for, IMHO!