Auto scan local media with new pluged USB device

Hallo again,

I’ve got a new problem/challange:

I would like to run automatically: “mopidy local scan” every time a new USB-device is pluged in to the Raspberry Pi.
Therfore i tried to add a new udev rule which execute the following skript:
!/bin/sh pkill mopidy mopidy local scan mopidy
But it just stops mopidy. When i run the script manually, it works as expected.

What else can i do or where is the mistake in my try??

I’am glad about any kind of help!

Did you consider using the Mopidy File extension It allows you to play your music without the need for a scan.

No i didn’t noticed this but i will try it now.

Thanks alot for your advice!!

I am a little bit confused…
Is the file extension already installed (together with mopidy)?
If yes, why i can’t set the [file]-settigs in the config-file? (Changes does not appear in mopidy config return)

Or if no, how can I install it?
apt-cache search mopidy does not return any according entry.

EDIT: Ok, just see that i need mopidy 1.1.0…