Artist name not displayed in several screens

I’m just in the process of upgrading from musicbox 0.53 to 0.6 and noticed that the artist name is no longer displayed in the “Queue” screen.
While I quite like the additional line showing the album name and album artist, the individual artists of the tracks are missing. This makes identifying the songs rather difficult. Please compare the screenshots:

MusicBox 0.6

MusicBox 0.53

The same basic issue (missing artist / album artist ) becomes also apparent when browsing the local library. If you enter “Albums”, for example, only the album names are displayed with no indication of the albums’ artist.
If you drill into an album, only the track titles are displayed with no artist. Also, the album’s name is not visible in that view.

Especially for samplers with different artists per track this is really impacting the browsing experience.

If it is not a bug then please consider it a feature suggestion :wink:

Is it planned to extend the web interface in this way in the next version?

Was this related to the umlaut in browse issue and/or did it turn into a bug? If so it would be great with just a quick followup with a link to the issue or other topic in case anyone else comes across this.

I forgot about this issue, thanks for the reminder here.

And thanks for the great bug report with the screenshot comparison. I don’t know what happened to this but I completely agree it makes browsing rather difficult. I had not noticed this, don’t ask me how.