Apt repo for bullseye?


was just going to upgrade my system from Buster to Bullseye when I noticed I was using the apt.mopidy.com repo. Is there an intention to provide a bullseye dist section for this? Or should I look at maintaining manually in future?

Bullseye seems to provide 3.1.1 natively.

Thanks for all your work on Mopidy - it is exactly what I need for my home!


I think apt.mopidy.com was only really required for installing the Spotify library, which now no longer works.
I suppose the new solution for Spotify may require something from that repo, but in the meantime you should be able to get everything from apt or pip.

If you want the latest versions you need to keep using apt.mopidy.com otherwise you are stuck on whatever old version made it into Debian/Ubuntu at the time the distro release was frozen. For LTS and Debian that might be a few years old.

exactly, Bullseye (current Debian stable) provides 3.1.1

Please continue using the buster distribution from apt.mopidy.com, as described at Debian/Ubuntu — Mopidy 3.3.0 documentation, even though you’re using Bullseye. As explained in the docs, buster refers to that the packages are built for Buster or newer, which includes Bullseye. We do not require a separate repo.

Thanks, will give it a go when I next get chance