Which repository?

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will the new version be loaded in Buster or Bullseye repository?

Oh i did not notice this.
I have installed raspbian “bulllseye”.
And install following the documentation, from here Debian/Ubuntu — Mopidy 3.4.1-2-ge245adbc documentation

And yes, it seems that i have the 3.3.0 version of mopidy… and it seems that the github version is 3.4.1…
mmm, i can install that version from other place?

It’s not yet available from apt.mopdy.com, we will get around to it shortly. The difference from 3.3.0 to latest is very minimal: a few bugfixes and one API change that isn’t being used anywhere yet. You could install 3.4.1 from PyPI but personally I would just wait for apt.

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