ANNOUNCEMENT: Pi Musicbox v0.7.0RC5


Thanks! Works fine now.

I didn’t realise that Spotify plugin and Spotify connect are independent from each other.


Hi Kingosticks ! Hi Everybody ! :grinning:

Since a week I have a new problem… Spotify Connect crash when I try to connect from the Android application (tested many times with 2 differents phones.)

When I connect to MusicBox from Spotify on windows it works great but if I do anything on the app, it try to connect and then my MusicBox disappeear from Spotify Connect. I must restart librespot if I want it back.

Maybe it’s a librespot only issue ?

EDIT : I didn’t see this :
Seems to be linked, but I don’t know how to update librespot…

Thank for your consideration, :slightly_smiling_face:



I have the same problem that just developed on iOS. Spoitfy Connect via Windows app works fine, but via iOS librespoti crashes. Would love a way to update this easily.


The librespot issue appears to be documented here:

We need a way to be able to upgrade to the latest librespot version. Any ideas?