Analog headphone jack disabled, forces HDMI audio

Hi everyone,
I have a strange issue. Last night, mopidy somehow started forcing audio output through HDMI only. I have never had this issue before, and all other audio aplications (KODI, VLC, YouTube, Spotify) etc properly output audio through my analog/headphone jack. Previously I have just been using alsasink, and never really did any advanced configuration. Now I feel like I have tried everything. Switching to PulseAudio (no sound at all, neither through analog or HDMI), defining the proper hw device with “output = alsasink device=hw:1,0” (which is the analog sound device). I’m getting kinda lost here, because it’s difficult to troubleshoot something which just changed overnight without me really touching the computer. 8)

As stated, ALL other applications properly use the analog jack for output. It’s just mopidy that forces HDMI audio. I don’t really know what kind of log files I can attach to aid your help. But I really really appreciate some input and tips! :slight_smile: I have active speakers hooked up, and having the TV turned on just to hear music is not a very good solution.