Ability to restart Mopidy, SnapClient or SnapServer through Web client or Settings

Is there a way to restart, mopidy, snapclient or snapserver through the web UI settings instead of having to ssh into the rpi?

I’m mostly using (via android phone) the Muse web client and Iris sometimes to access and control mopidy. At times there are issues with Youtube, SoundCloud streams and snapclient connections. To resolve these issues, I have to go to my mac terminal and ssh into the rpi to restart either mopidy, snapclient or the snapserver.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I use RasPi Check on Android. I added a custom command to restart Mopidy. I only really use it for shutting down the Pi when I’m not using it.

That worked! Thanks for the info. I had to use it today to restart mopidy when streaming stopped and would not start again.

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thanks for the awesome information.

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