A web client with Lyrics?

Well, that, i cant find a web client with the posibility to lyrics, i really enjoy to sing and so… i need them like blood. (im not a vampire, in the other hand, lol)

It’s not straight forward to do this well as there’s no totally reliable way to obtain the correct lyrics for a given song, you need a bunch of heuristics. Ideally you would be able to search a service with a musicbrainz ID, maybe that’s already possible. It’s be nice if Mopidy could provide lyrics for all clients, rather than each client reimplementing that. I’d be happy for someome to are that to Core and to at least one backend.

For the time being, you are best requesting a specific client to implement this feature.

oh, ok.
Thanks. I notice that a player like Strawberry have an option for lyrics where they try name of the artist and song, and give the lyrics, it is pretty accurate, i think. And it seems that works with several places to download the lyrics.
Maybe something like that? And of course if it is integrated with the web clients it will be better.

If it works or not just depends on the artist and song names. It’ll be fine mostly I agree . Until it doesn’t but then it’s only lyrics!