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(Web) Client that supports YouTube

I’m looking for a client for either Windows or Web that let’s me add YouTube videos/songs.
I already do have the extension installed and can only add YouTube videos via the command line.

I looked around a little but couldn’t find anything. The clients I tried so far where Cantana (on Windows) and (Mopidy-)Iris.
While I like both, neither of them support YouTube videos (just the audio of course) and I really don’t want to try out every single client there is. So I’d really apprechiate if someone can tell me a client that supports YouTube videos.

Other things I’m using are local file and TuneIn. So they need to be supported too.


I just found out that you can add YouTube videos through Iris. But it’s very hidden. I was hoping for a client that made it easier.

Mopidy-youtube provides youtube support to all clients. It’s not client specific. However, Google, in their wisdom, deemed the extension violated their terms of service and disabled the API key. You can read more about that on the extension’s github page.

I know that it is not client specific.
I’m looking for a client that offeres a nice UI to add YouTube videos.

And what do you mean with the API key being disabled? I can play YT videos just fine.

Try Rompr. I use it to search for and play YouTube videos. I’m not sure how you add specific videos - I only ever add them following a search; for that it’s great.

To get mopidy-youtube working did you get your own API key, or are you using one of the forks that works without one?

I tried RompR. But I wasn’t really happy with it functionality wise and looks wise.

How did u add YouTube videos through iris?