Writing arduino mopidy wifi read-only client. best API?

What’s the best API that I can use to talk to my mopidy server on an Arduino micro-controller?

By best, I mean lightest weight that will give me access to album art, current running time, and other events?

Ideal would be to be mpd compatible… but I’m more interested in mopidy than anything else.

implementing javascript is a bad idea. :slight_smile:


I googled ‘arduino mpd client’, the first result looked promising. Failing that, the HTTP JSON-RPC API as detailed in our docs, it doesn’t require javascript.

Simpler than I imagined! For others considering this:

I installed arduinoWebSockets and aJson. Then the following code snippet did most of the work. It’s a tad clunkier than desired, but I got it working in a few hours, so great!

Follow up question on the best way to resize images… :slight_smile:


  jroot = aJson.parse( (char*) payload);
  if (!jroot) {
     Serial.println("Error parsing payload as json object.");
  aJson.print(jroot, &SerialJsonOutput); Serial.println();