Website: suggestion of change for mopidy-subidy


i would like to suggest a modification for the mopidy-subidy webpage:

ps: link to subsonic is dead on https atm

Actually, it may be understood that it will only work with a subsonic server but it can actually work with any subsonic API enabled servers and there are some other server options wich can work:

I’d suggest to replace
“A backend for playing music from a Subsonic Music Streamer library.”


A backend for playing music from a Subsonic API compatible Server (

Available distributions are:
Subsonic ->
Airsonic ->
Navidrome ->
Funkwhale ->
And more :slight_smile:

Could you create a pull request? There’s info in the footer of that page.

Updating the extension registry

This extension registry is a community effort, and will never be complete without your help. To add or update an extension, edit the source files using the existing extensions as inspiration, then submit a pull request to the mopidy/website repo at GitHub.

Will do now - Sorry, i overlooked a bit.