Mopidoo - Easily push YT/Invidious vids from Firefox

A simple Firefox add-on that will push whatever YouTube / Invidious video you are currently viewing over to your Mopidy server. You can either queue up the video or, after adding it to the queue, play it immediately. The server hostname is configurable; Mopidoo assumes it’s hosted locally by default.

I made this add-on for my roommate so he could easily send music over to our Raspberry Pi for playback on our living room speaker setup. It’s pretty simple and works well for that purpose.

Note that you will need to install the Mopidy-YouTube plugin and disable CSRF protection; I’m looking for a workaround for this.

I’ll probably add a few more features (port config, playlist support, custom keybinding support) and then freeze development; feedback is appreciated! Let me know if I should refactor it or add any particular features; I am fairly new to this and likely made mistakes.

Source Repository

Install Here

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