Use MusicBox also "the other way" (IN RPi, OUT PC/Tablet/Phone..)


I would like to connect a Pi MusicBox to an USB soundcard which has both LINE-OUT and LINE-IN connections.
On the LINE-OUT port I’ll connect some PC speakers. But I wonder if I could enter an audio source (from a CD player, for example) to the LINE-IN input of the soundcard connected to the RPi, and listen to my CDs on my phone, tablet, computer, etc…

If it’s not possible, would it be possible to install an audio streaming server (like Icecast) and encode an audio source in realtime? (running MusicBox at the same time).

Thank you!

It’s not a feature we offer but you can install any extra packages
alongside the musicbox ones to accomplish that. There was a guy recently
trying to do that but I can’t remember the name of the name of the software
he was planning to use. But there were posts on the raspberrypi forums
about it. You probably wouldn’t have much luck encoding audio and trying to
playback Spotify at the same time though, the cpu isn’t powerful enough.