URGENT - 802.1x Network

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I am using the Pi Musicbox for a presentation for a school project. I need to present at my school using the wireless network there. The network is protected with 801.2x and I am wondering how i need to make the config so my Edimax USB adapter can log to it. Thank you very much

You need to modify the wpa_supplicant configuration file that musicbox writes on startup with the parameters for your school’s particular configuration. You can find all the EAP stuff that wap_supplicant supports in the man page. Your school’s IT department is probably best placed to help you get this working.

I know what to put in the wpa_supplicant file, but how can I modify the one that musicbox creates on the startup?

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Also, I cannot edit startup.sh? everytime i reboot it is a new copy?

I think i got it to work. Its all better since i removed the network infos from the settings.ini

Glad you got it working.

For anyone else: yes, removing your network values from settings.ini will prevent musicbox from generating wpa.conf on startup and allow you to specify your own version.