Timeout error when adding a playlist

Hi all,

When I try to add a playlist with ~200 entries from the Mopidy-Mobile frontend I get a timeout error. It takes several seconds until the music starts. With bigger playlists it gets even worse. Basically playlists are unusable for me.

Using the -vvv option I found out that mopidy opens (i.e. transfers via the network) each and every file from the playlist at least twice (!). First when you navigate to the playlist and then again when you add all songs to the main playlist. Now when there is a timeout in the frontend (as described above) and you press Retry, it reads all files again. Since this takes longer than the timeout, you end up in the “Timeout error” dialog again. You are stuck in an endless loop.

Is there a way to change this behavior in mopidy? Or does anyone know a workaround?

I am using the debian jessie mopidy 2.1.0-1 package.
The files are mounted via cifs from a samba server in the same network.