Streaming music from android to MusicBox


I am wondering if there is a way to Pi MusicBox show up as a device to connect and play audio through from the ‘Connect to Device’ menu in Android similarly to how it works with AirPlay.

I am trying to play audio from apps like youtube and amazon music through the musicbox.

Any help would be great!


I’m afraid there’s no support for that. And I’m not familiar with that Android feature. Is it Bluetooth or something else? Could you explain which menu that option lives in?

The ‘Connect to device’ menu is available at the top of the app or within the media e.g on the YouTube video allowing chromecast and other devices to play the media.

I would like the raspberry pi to show up there and be able to stream audio to the pi.

If you are specifically referring to chromecast support, then no, that cannot be done. Google have locked down their ‘cast receiver’ technology and there’s no implementation I am aware of.