Spotify on Alpine Linux

I was going to see if I can switch from Debian-based Docker image to Alpine Linux, but I haven’t been able to install Spotify. Does anyone know if it’s possible to install pyspotify/libspotify on Alpine?

It isn’t mentioned in the installation instructions.

and it says

If libspotify isn’t available for your OS or architecture, then you’re out of luck and can’t use pyspotify either.

So I’m guessing it isn’t possible.


libspotify is closed source and built against glibc, so you would have to find a way to run glibc programs on Alpine. This page has some info, though it says it might be out of date. A google search gives me some docker images for Alpine with glibc as well. Not sure what the point is when you have to use glibc anyways though.

Hmm. That all sounds a) over my head, and b) more hassle that it’s worth.
I thought I might be able to reduce my Docker image size by using Alpine, but if it’s not something that ought to “just work” then I probably won’t bother.

Thanks for the info.