Software or Yamaha in config?

Hi newb here.

I installed mopidy and works great oin a pi3 with icecast. I see that is possible to use it on the Yamaha AVR.

In my current config I have

mixer = software
output = lamemp3enc ! shout2send mount=mopidy.mp3 ip= port=8000 password=xxx

if I change to
mixer = yamaha

will I lose some functionality (like iris orother)? So I have to chose between Yamaha and Icecast?

Mopidy-Yamaha is a

Any volume changes you make in a Mopidy client (such as Iris) will occur as volume changes on the amplifier. I don’t see why you have to choose between icecast output and Yamaha mixer but it only makes sense to use it if you intend to play the icecast stream on the Yamaha Amp.